Monthly Memberships Now Available

You can now become a member at Connect E-Sports!

Membership includes unlimited gaming on any system for $90 a month. If you spend more than 5 hours of game time a week at Connect, this is the best package for you.

How to become a member?

  • Either at Connect or online, you will complete a membership profile that keeps a card on file
  • To complete online, you can do so HERE
  • The card on file will bill automatically monthly on the date you became a member
  • Each time you visit Connect, you will check-in at the front desk and unlimited game time will be added to your account
  • To cancel your membership, you will need to email us at and allow for 24 hours for support to cancel the billing
  • If you cancel in the middle of a month, you will not be billed for the upcoming month, but will be able to continue to use the membership until your month cycle runs out