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Connect E-Sports aims to bring people together online and IRL through an E-Sports community. We are tentatively opening in October, 2020.

Owners of Connect E-Sports Mary and Bob Baldino.

“Just play. Have Fun. Enjoy the Game.”

-Michael Jordan

Connect E-Sports is the first E-Sports center in Dayton, Ohio owned by Mary and Bob Baldino. E-Sports have grown in popularity, and it is time that Dayton enters the scene. Could you be the next E-Sports star, are you looking to just have some fun with friends, or make new connections? We want to help.

We offer 20 PC’s and 8 consoles for everyday game play along with organized leagues and tournaments to test your skills against others in the Dayton area along with worldwide opportunities.

As the pandemic is still around, we are requiring masks to be worn by all while in the building.

Good Sportsmanship Conduct at Connect E-Sports:

  1. A spirit of good sportsmanship by all participants must prevail before, during and after all games.
  2. To the best of their ability, all customers shall enforce participation rules for the appropriate game, league, tournament or event.
  3. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes:
    1. Use of disconcerting acts or words
    2. Disrespectfully addressing employees or other participants; both online and in person
    3. Showing disgust with official decisions
    4. Using profane or insulting language or gestures
    5. Baiting or taunting other players
    6. Making any contact with other players that is deemed unnecessary
    7. Using harmful or disrespectful physical contact to employees or other participants
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Connect E-Sports will begin to offer limited online events while our physical location is on hold until post Pandemic. 

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Valorant Online

We held our online Valorant tournament on 6/30. Watch the full live stream here, or the highlight video on our YouTube channel here.

Schedule & Standings

Valorant (online)1st Place2nd Place
6/30 7:00 pmAir BudsTHE Winning Team
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