Rentals & Birthday Parties

Connect E-Sports allows you to rent out our facility.

Looking to host a birthday party or event? We have several options available.

Please reach out to us through our contact us page or email us at to talk in more detail.

Rental Pricing | Birthday Parties

How to choose the best package? The best package aligns with how many people you expect, and what games your attendees typically like to play. We can share more information with you over email at

Any package can have the hours and pricing adjusted.

Package A4 Hours for Console room only (4 consoles, 2 racing sims)$190
Package B4 Hours for Consoles + 10 PC’s (4 consoles, 2 racing sims, 10 PCs)$330
Package C4 Hours for entire facility (4 consoles, 20 PCs, 2 racing sims, 1 Nintendo Switch)$670
Package D4 Hours for 10 PC’s$240
Nintendo Switch addition4 Hours to add Nintendo Switch to any package $50

Location Pictures

PC Room
Console Room
Racing Simulator

Download our informative PDF on party rentals here.