Sinclair College to Offer Online Gaming Tournament with New Business- Connect E-Sports

Sinclair Community College will host an online Rocket League Tournament for students in partnership with Connect E-Sports on February 26th, 2021 that will be free to Sinclair students.

Sinclair Students participating in the online tournament will play against one another in teams of three on the popular E-Sports game, Rocket League, to provide a safe environment for students to interact with each other amid the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“We want to provide a service to our students during this time to allow them to feel more connected to each other, and revive the e-sports community here on campus. By providing an e-sports tournament, we’re looking to connect people with similar interest safely,” said Tristan Chaput, Coordinator of Student Engagement.

“We’re very excited to work with Sinclair as a new business to downtown. We believe video games can help bridge the gap of connectivity online and in real life, especially in a time like now,” said owner of Connect E-Sports, Mary Baldino.

Connect E-Sports is located in downtown Dayton at 212 Wayne Ave and provides an opportunity for people to come in and play video games, as well as offering organized leagues and tournaments. Visit to learn more.

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Connect aims to bring people together online and IRL through an eSports community.